CareerBuilder Talent Network - Connect

Always On, Always Engaging

Talent Network is a ready-to-use, always-on recruiting engine. We study your company’s branding, culture, and look and feel and create a website completely custom to you.

Turn your ATS, career site, or other existing assets into a tool that engages job seekers wherever they search for jobs and CONNECTS those candidates to your company. Talent Network can be defined by the six A’s:

Attraction -Increase Visibility

More than 400 million online job searches are conducted monthly. By optimizing your open positions, Talent Network’s search engine-optimized career site gives you more visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and makes it easier for candidates to find your jobs. Job distribution to relevant job websites further increases your visibility, and a mobile–friendly site makes it possible to connect with the increasing number of candidates using mobile devices to search for jobs and research potential employers.

Analytics -Predict trends

Learn where your top talent is coming from. The Talent Network uses job search data for more than 50 verticals and industries to bring you personalized on-demand dashboard reporting about your target candidates. Get insight about your Talent Network’s performance based on industry, geography and corresponding labor pressure, and measure ROI precisely and in an easy-to- understand format.

Acquisition -Set Expectations

The “Join our Talent Network” button included with your Talent Network can be placed on any site to capture leads and grow your talent pipeline. In fact, our studies have shown on average 80% of job seekers are willing to complete a join form. Placing the join button in as many places as possible enables you to not only capture information from candidates but also keep them interested in your opportunities. The join button can be placed anywhere, from social media sites, to email signatures, to corporate websites, to email campaigns.

Advancement -Next Steps

Reach potential candidates by capturing them where they are searching today through features like the Employee and College networks. We give you the power to capture those candidates who have slipped through the cracks and re-gain their interest in your company.

Automation -Engage Candidates

Branded recruitment messaging to Talent Network members keeps your talent involved with your company and opportunities automatically—there’s no additional work on your part. Strategic messaging to candidates in your talent pipeline, with prompts to join your talent network, also help you proactively build a qualified base of job seekers for current and future openings.

Avenues -Communicate

Talent Network piques the interest of potential candidates by making job recommendations both on your Talent Network and through automated emails. You benefit from an intuitive interface that allows you to communicate with your database of candidates and prospects. Candidate interactions are actively nurtured, making it easy for candidates to join and minimizing drop-off.