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What if, with the click of a button, you could keep potential employees up to date on your available job opportunities, send them relevant job alerts from your company, and have a searchable database of interested candidates at your fingertips?

Take the mystery out of finding the right candidates for your job with Talent Network. With more than 18 years of job seeker data analysis at their fingertips, CareerBuilder’s experts have joined to bring you the latest news and advice to help you optimize your talent pipeline and start filling job positions before they’re even available – and you’ll find it all here.

Use Talent Network Connect for Employers as your guide to all things Talent Network:

  • Get best practices and insider tips to help you attract and engage the right people at the right time.
  • Stay current on today’s biggest workforce issues and trends.
  • Receive customized, convenient training and support from our Talent Network team.
  • Hear about Talent Network’s new features before anyone else.

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